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Your digital presence is losing clients and how to fix it

by Jan 27, 2022Digital Marketing

What is a digital presence?

Before we begin, it’s important we understand what a digital presence is, and how it ties in with your brand reputation. Simply put, your digital presence is how your business appears online. It’s all about what people see and what impression it leaves on your potential customers and clients. This impression, however accurate, can sometimes be long-lasting, so it’s important we work towards building a positive online reputation.

Fair enough. But what elements actually comprise a digital presence? There are a few, but here are the essentials:

  • Your social media
  • Your website
  • Your SEO and,
  • Your online reviews

To ensure your brand or business has both a positive and effective online reputation, consider the following:

  • Do I have at least two of the mentioned four?
  • Are they optimized?
  • How does it make a client or customer feel?
  • What does it make them think?
  • The deeper we consider these questions, the better informed our decisions become.
  • The better we understand what our target audience wants.

Makes sense. But why else should I care?

The World is Online

In August 2021 alone, 5.7 million Google searches were made every single minute, many of which were used to look up businesses, brands and organizations. It’s undeniably clear that the world has become not only comfortable with gathering their information online, but completely reliant on it. Decisions are being made, opinions are being formed, and impressions are being molded, and it’s all happening online, every minute. Optimizing your digital presence and strengthening your online reputation, strictly from a consumer-reach standpoint, is a must.

It’s Often the First Impression

For many customers, your digital presence will be the way in which people are first introduced to your products or services. Your online reputation will help inform potential clients or customers whether they want to associate with your business. That’s powerful. That means irrespective of how great or reliable your inner offering is, your outer shell may still be that determining factor. We know why you’re amazing, but we need customers and clients to know as well.

An entire generation has grown (and is growing) up in a world where searching for something online is their first instinct. This generation is inundated with information, options and decisions to be made, and because of this, standards are rising. Your digital presence and online reputation are often what will separate you from the crowd.

Virtual is the New Norm

One major lesson this pandemic has taught us is that Hybrid Events – ones that use a combination of in-person and virtual elements – are becoming the new standard. Organizations are quickly realizing how invaluable the virtual world truly is. It allows us to broaden our reach, tap into markets we never had access to, and communicate with customers and clients across the globe. Having a strong digital presence and online reputation can breathe life into these benefits.

So how do we achieve it? How do we optimize our digital presence and improve our online reputation? It starts with the following:

  • Understand your Organization – know exactly what you represent, and how you want to represent it.
  • Conduct your Market Research – what works will always rise to the top, so analyze your market and implement strategies based on the failures and successes of competitors.
  • Consult with Experts – we don’t know what we don’t know, but here at FCCF, we strive to stay informed on trends, best practices, and the latest tech––so you don’t have to.
  • Adjust and Adapt – your online reputation, like any reputation, is only as good as it was yesterday. It’s always changing, always evolving, but as long as we adjust and adapt, we’ll always stay ahead of the curve.

A strong digital presence is no longer simply a bonus. It’s a necessity. Traditional ways of running a business, or building a brand are becoming increasingly outdated, and that can be scary. But change is often the best vehicle for opportunity. FCCF is here to guide you through the traffic, towards your business goals.