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Revolutionizing the virtual meeting industry one meeting at a time

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Where It All Began

Maddy & McKenzie founded FCCF in April of 2020, both still in school at Ryerson University. Aiming to make online meetings easier they started providing training and facilitation support to professionals in the legal industry. Word of their services quickly spread and they began servicing larger entities. Today the team totals 23 (virtual) hard-working individuals servicing clients across the world.

With a mission to connect people across the world, our team never stops working to create innovative ways to bring in-person meetings to the virtual world.

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Statistics & Growth

We pride ourselves on the diversity and versatility of our team. Having hosted well over a thousand meetings, everyone on our team is an expert at facilitating and training on virtual meetings.

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Our team is dedicated to making your online meeting experiences easy and seamless

Authentic Services

Revolutionizing the way meetings are conducted online and setting the industry standard


Our team works daily to bring new ideas to the table on how to improve virtual meetings

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We can get you set up and ready to go within the same day

Happy Clients

Taking care of our clients is our top priority. We strive to make every experience just as good as the last

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A team of tech connaisseurs ready to manage your online meetings

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9:00am – 5:00pm


Scheduling is available on weekends through email only

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