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Virtual Dispute Resolution

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Streamlined Online ADR via Zoom

We offer a wide class of alternative dispute resolution services that allow parties to resolve their conflicts with the use of technology. Leverage technology like DocuSign to electronically sign MOUs, Google Workspace and Microsoft Office to shared exhibits, and Dacast to livestream your hearings to private groups.

Legal Proceedings We Facilitate

We have been facilitating various types of legal proceedings over the last couple of years. These proceedings include, but are not limited to:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Investigations
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Inquests

During the facilitation, our facilitators are never seen unless you request they have their camera on. We will provide:

  • assistance joining the meeting to all participants,
  • troubleshooting for anyone experiencing technical issues,
  • screen sharing of exhibits upon request,
  • private live streaming options upon request,
  • e-signing through DocuSign,
  • language interpretation upon request,
  • AI-generated transcripts upon request,
  • and meeting recordings upon request.

Our facilitators will always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before facilitating any legal proceeding.

Guaranteed Security

Our Zoom licenses have been set to localize all data at rest and data in transit to Canada. What this means for you is you can trust that your data stays on Canadian servers when your legal proceedings are hosted virtually with FCCF.

Learn more about Zoom Data Localization here.

Confidentiality First

Our facilitators will always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before facilitating any virtual legal proceedings.

Electronic Signatures

Proceeding virtually typically means less paper – good for the environment, but a hassle for signing MOUs and similar documents. With us, you don’t need to worry about signing & scanning documents physically as we leverage DocuSign’s e-signature platform to electronically sign documents.

Live Transcrips

With our Zoom licenses, we have additional features enabled in our meetings. One of these many upgraded features happens to be AI-generated in-meeting transcripts for people to have access to, essentially, live closed captions.

Language Interpretation

Often we are asked to arrange for French interpretation and we are able to coordinate a facilitator for any virtual proceedings as needed.

Meeting Recordings

We have the ability to cloud record and provide you with multi-angle viewing options, separated audio files, and an audio transcript for your virtual proceeding. 

Public & Private Livestreaming

For any public proceedings that will be reaching a large audience, we have livestreaming options to provide view-only access to people wishing to watch the hearing. This option ensures minimal disruption to the actual meeting as viewers will be watching without directly being in the meeting.

The access link can be made public or private depending on the nature of the need to stream the proceeding.

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