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Virtual Events

Planning and hosting events has never been easier

With First Class, you can rely on us to help you plan and host your virtual event with ease. We’ve hosted hundreds, if not thousands of virtual events over the years and would love the opportunity to help you with your next event! From start to finish, we’ll be by your side.

Open up a live chat with us to see if we’re a good fit for your next virtual event.

What we can do for you

Dedicated Event Manager

Your event deserves attention to detail and dedicated support. Your assigned tech rep will be by your side every step of the way, from emails and phone calls to assisting throughout the entire virtual event.

Practice sessions and technical check-ins

In advance of your event, we will work to coordinate practice sessions with your speakers to test their connection, audio, visuals, and presentation materials.

Sharing PowerPoints and presentations

Throughout the event, your tech rep will be able to share presentation materials like slide decks and videos.

Spotlighting speakers

You’ll never have to worry about the attendees not being able to see your presenter(s). We use the spotlight (and multi-spotlight for panels) to highlight the active speaker(s) for everyone in the virtual event. This way nobody has to go searching on their screen for who’s speaking!

Custom branding & sponsorship

We can watermark your meeting, webinar, and livestream with your company logo. We use your company colours to match your brand in invitations and registration forms.

Breakout room management

Your event manager will facilitate the distribution of participants into private breakout rooms during your event, whether it’s for small group discussions or for concurrent presentations. Read more about how we use breakout rooms here!

Chat and Q&A Moderation

People love to make comments and ask questions, but sometimes there are too many for the speaker(s) to manage themselves. We’ll note down the important questions and comments and make sure things keep running smoothly.

Launching polls

Many speakers like to make their presentations more engaging with polls and questions for the audience. We can help launch built-in polls or even use external polling apps to make sure the attendees can engage to their full extent.

On-demand technical assistance

This is one of the major pain points people have with virtual events. When your speakers or panellists are having issues, the last thing they want to do is figure out the issue themselves. This is where we shine, we’ll help them get back on track with minimal disruption

We also help attendees with issues accessing the event!

Landing pages & registration management

Another major pain point we help with is managing registration. Collecting registrations can be tedious, but we make this process much simpler by managing it for you. We’ll provide you with updated reports to get an idea of your anticipated attendee numbers.

We can also build customized landing pages to localize information about your event and make learning about your event easier for potential registrants. And adding registration to this site makes it even more convenient and increases the chances of more people registering for your event!

What you can expect when working with us

First things first, you may be wondering “Can they help with the type of event I’m hosting?”. We’re pretty sure we’ll be able to help, but if you’re not sure you can always talk to someone right away by using our live chat. Our team has hosted so many types of events it’s hard to keep track of them all. See below for a few examples:

  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Book launches / Book clubs
  • Legal proceedings (arbitration, mediation, investigation, etc.)
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Seminars

1. Starting the conversation – emails and meetings

The first stage of all of this involves you getting in touch with us, whether by email, phone, or live chat. After that, we like to schedule a quick Zoom call to meet you (and your team) to get a better idea of what you’re looking to accomplish. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to gatekeep information from you. We’ll first respond to your inquiry to let you know if we’re able to help, giving you an idea of how we can help and then we’ll schedule a call with you!

2. Cost estimates and coordination

If you like what we have to offer, we’ll send you an estimate and wait for your approval. Then, we move on to planning the event with you. If you’ve read through our What we can do for you section, you’ll already have a good idea of the next steps. These are some things we’ll help with:

  • Prep meetings with you and/or your presentation panellist(s) or hosts
  • Preparing materials for emails, presenters, and take-aways
  • Distributing event invites via email campaigns
  • Creating a landing page (optional, but quite handy for larger events with registration and various speakers)
  • Preparing registration forms (these can also be embedded on the landing page!)

This isn’t all we can do, but it gives you a good idea of what we can do to make things easier for you before the big day!

3. Real-time event support

A lot of this you can find above in our What we can do for you section, but to give you a quick idea of what we help with see the list below:

  • Sharing presentations
  • Spotlighting speakers
  • Recording the session
  • Moderating the Q&A
  • Moderating the chat
  • Launching polls
  • Managing breakout sessions
  • Fixing technical issues

These are the typical support aspects we provide in a variety of events. The more complex the event the more detailed we can get, like when we hosted the Mathews Dinsdale National Labour Arbitration Competition in 2021 and ’22! To give you a better idea of what this involved, this was a 3-day event with 4 concurrent live streams, each of the 4 competitions were held within the breakout rooms where we had a First Class tech rep providing real-time support while also livestreaming the competition to a customized landing page! It sounds complicated (and it was, a bit!) but that’s what we’re good at and we love a good problem to solve.

4. Tying off the loose ends after the event

For most, the event ends when the meeting is ended. For us, the work continues. Depending on the scope of work we discussed in phase 1, we’ll work to:

  • email materials the presenters wanted to share with the attendees (like slide decks, further reading, etc)
  • email links access to the recording of the event (after we’ve edited them to your liking)
  • email evaluation surveys
  • follow up with you to see how satisfied you are with the event (after all, this was YOUR event and we want to make sure how things went as you hoped they would!)

Finally, we’ll send you our invoice. If anything changed from our initial conversation to the conclusion of the event, we’ll let you know. It often occurs where we’re needed more than was originally anticipated prior to the event, we’ll keep you updated on our workload and provide new estimates if we think something will take longer than originally planned. We’ve also hosted events that last substantially longer than they were originally planned to be. To avoid any unexpected costs, we’ll be very clear with you that there will be an additional cost for the increased duration of the event.

Things that past clients loved!

Recording & Video Editing

Our recordings come with audio and visual recordings, separate files for each speaker, a transcript, and we host the finished recording on Vimeo with custom viewing permissions to meet your requirements. Our team can edit the final video to make corrections where necessary and add graphics.

AV Equipment Rentals

We have audio and video equipment for rent in case your speakers need a higher quality microphone or camera.

Pre-recorded Presentations

For those presenters who can’t attend live, we can assist with creating a pre-recorded presentation to be shared live at the virtual event. The recording can also be used as a sneak-peek of the event on the event landing page.

Custom Landing Page

We can build you a custom landing page to display all relevant information for your event, including speaker biographies, the event agenda, and pre-event materials.

Bilingual Services & Simultaneous Interpretation

We offer our services in French and English in case you need a bilingual event manager or IT support tech. We can also provide a simultaneous interpreter to translate the event in real-time.

Presentation Touch-ups

Our team can beautify any slide decks for your presenters. We can also convert the presentations into distributable PDF versions for post-event resources.

Featured Case Study

Mathews Dinsdale National Labour Arbitration Competition

Mathew Dinsdale’s annual labour arbitration competition has been hosted virtually in both 2021 and 2022. Each year, they’ve worked with us to manage the virtual technology to showcase up to 4 concurrent live streams of each competition room.

Want to work with us on your next event?