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6 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page in 2022!

by Apr 28, 2022Digital Marketing

LinkedIn, though primarily used for networking and career development, is quickly becoming a leading social media platform for content creation and digital marketing. With over 800 million active users, and 19 million from Canada alone, LinkedIn is the ideal place to promote company culture, showcase products and services and highlight organizational changes. It’s a powerful tool –– and in our previous blog post we detailed how to use LinkedIn for your business –– but how do we optimize it? How do we leverage this growing platform to generate leads, boost sales, or strengthen our brand awareness? Let’s consider a few strategies:


What makes LinkedIn a truly unique social media platform is the emphasis it has on networking. It’s becoming common practise to make connections with strangers inside and sometimes even outside your current network. This practise should be exploited. And why? Because when we update our profiles to reflect our affiliation with a particular business or organization, we essentially become ambassadors for that entity. Every peer-to-peer interaction therefore becomes an opportunity to indirectly promote an organization’s page.

Content Creation

Posting content on LinkedIn is becoming increasingly more common. Year-over-year LinkedIn is seeing a steady increase in content creation. This is important to know because not only does it speak on the supply of content creation, it shines a light on the demand for it. It gives brands, businesses, and organizations the licence to be more intentional about what and how they communicate. Internal content is a powerful digital marketing tool because it gives us the liberty to highlight community culture, detail achievements without coming across boastful, and provide news and updates. The more of our organization we reveal, the more likely users will find something to connect with.

Curate Content

Perhaps the most effective tool to generate user engagement is the use of external content creation, or as some call it, content curation. At first glance it seems counterintuitive. Why would we post something from someone else? Wouldn’t that drive engagement away from us? Quite the opposite. Imagine posting a compelling TED Talk that perfectly aligns with your company’s philosophy and values. What curating content does is showcase your organization’s diligence, expertise, and social awareness. It acts as an icebreaker than can spark conversations; conversations that will take place on your page. Other examples include posting news articles, industry-specific updates, even COVID-19 announcements. What matters most is how we embed our own thoughts, and how we present a specific call to action. Social media is all about being engaging, and the more engagement we produce, the more the platform will reward us by pushing our content to more and more people.

LinkedIn Ads

Social media platforms are continuing to dominate the online ad space, and that’s because social media continues to be what people are using the internet for. As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion internet users worldwide, and of that 4.66 billion, over 90% were active social media users. What does that mean? It means “social media” and “internet” are nearly synonymous.

LinkedIn provides a variety of ad types that can satisfy your needs; from single image ads, to video ads, to multi-photo carousel ads, to event ads. What makes running social media ads so powerful is the fact that we are in control. We can customize our target audience, set our desired price, and manage our budget and ad-posting schedules.


Livestreaming is a relatively new tool, and we’re seeing more and more social media platforms leverage this. It’s incredibly useful because it bridges the gap between in-person and virtual audiences. It allows for businesses and organizations to reach markets all around the world and engage with them in real-time. What makes livestreaming an incredible strategy for promoting your business is the flexibility it allows. You can discuss anything you want, and at no cost. For a deeper look on livestreaming with social media, check out our most recent blog post.


LinkedIn is powerful. And in many cases, the best digital marketing tool for a business, brand, or organization. What better platform than one that is already tailored to professionals? One that encourages peer-to-peer interactions, and one that is currently on the rise. It’s one thing however, to simply use social media, and another to optimize it. We hope this blog post serves as a starting point for leveraging LinkedIn for all it’s worth. Whether it’s creating content, curating content, or utilizing digital ads, LinkedIn is a platform that every business should familiarize themselves with.