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How to use Twitter for your business

by Dec 20, 2021Digital Marketing

Twitter, like other social media platforms, is a great way to connect with others and stand out as a business owner.

There’s a lot to Twitter. There are lists, there are images, and brands can even use it to host polls and quizzes. The social media site is constantly on the rise and continues to grow, particularly as a marketing tool for businesses. Here’s how you can make the most out of Twitter.

How Useful is Twitter for Your Business?

Gone are the days when social media was only for personal interactions. Nowadays, it has become the most “talked about” platform for businesses to expand their reach & to reach the right audience. It is a must-have platform for every brand to be present on and engage with their audience. 

For example – what could have been your favorite restaurant? You probably go to that restaurant because it serves the best food or their service is excellent. Businesses understand this and have also started including Twitter in their marketing strategy.

Twitter is not only a great platform to connect with your target customers, but it is one of the most popular social media platforms used by businesses across the world. With more than 200 million daily active users and billions of tweets, Twitter offers a variety of opportunities for businesses to communicate with their customers effectively, and promote themselves.

Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

1. Tweet Consistently

Allowing a consistent schedule for you to tweet shows people that you’re active. But how often should you tweet? Does posting several times per day seem excessive? Or is there a benefit to being present on Twitter multiple times per day? The Twitter Global Engagement chart reflects best on the time and day that is best to tweet.

2. Get Creative With Your Content

Maybe posting photos all of the time is getting to be a little boring for your audience. Switch it up! Post videos, polls, GIFs, articles… this will help boost your engagement!

GIFs – Educate, excite, and engage using the GIFs and polls function on Twitter.

Here are 6 ways to strategize the GIF feature for your business.

Polls – Everyone loves polls. Even better, everyone loves to vote in polls. Twitter polls might seem like a random idea, but they can be the perfect tool to reach your target audience and increase engagement on your Twitter business profile.

3. Use Proper Hashtags

Anyone that’s a frequent visitor to Twitter will tell you about the significance of hashtags. They’re a great way to get discovered by others and contribute to the greater conversation that can contribute to building your brand.

What can be even more significant are trending hashtags. Keeping an eye on trending hashtags, daily, is a great starting point to interacting with others.

4. Engage With Your Followers

Interact with people and even influencers with the use of Twitter lists. 

Engaging on Twitter is important, and lists make it easy. With lists, you can organize people you want to see tweets from into groups. Lists are a great way to help you focus on a more niche audience. 

Read more about how to set up a Twitter List.

5. Research Key Competitors 

Researching key competitors can benefit you as a business. Many conduct a Competitor Analysis which helps you as a business figure out what youre competitors are doing that works well. The way they communicate with their audience, what type of content they post, how often, etc.

6. Research Keywords

Using keywords on Twitter will help your engagement grow! Finding relevant keywords to use is important as well, since you want to cater your tweets to your audience. You can simply search Twitter for any given topic or hashtag and see which ones are ranked from highest to lowest.

7. Analyze What Your Audience Likes

As a business, it’s important to know how you can improve your impact and growth. This is especially true for Twitter users who rely heavily on their account. There are various methods you can use to learn more about your audience and decide how best to tailor your updates to suit them. One of the most important aspects of this is using Twitter Analytics, which will give you an overview of what your audience likes, and how to boost your impact as a business.

Now, these are just 7 of the most familiar ways to promote your business using Twitter. You can find more tips here.


4 Tips When Using Twitter Polls

1. Learn From Your Customers

Have you ever wondered what your customers are thinking? What do they like, how do they interact with your business? This can be easy with the use of polls! Asking your audience specific questions will actually help you as a business know what to change for your products, how to make them better, or just simply noting for the future.

2. Play With Your Audience

Get creative! Be humorous, joyful, and not too serious. Sometimes the most powerful way to engage your audience is by playing. In social media, playfulness is a great way to connect with your audience more intimately. And better yet, be different from other businesses, be yourself!

3. Create On-Going Conversation

Everyone loves to keep up to date with the news. And if you sell products or services, it makes sense to build a Twitter following around your brand. By introducing people to your business, they are more likely to come back a second time and recommend you to their friends and family. Not only will this make you feel warm inside, but in business, it’s a great return on investment.

4. Gain Feedback From Your Audience

You might have the best products and services on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re problem-free. Ask your audience what they like or want to see next from you. You may find out that one of your products and services needs a little tweaking to become more robust for your customers’ individual needs!

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is a great way to connect with people in your industry and share information. 

If you create a solid marketing strategy and schedule using the tips above, you can get your account off to a great start and build a solid following of potential customers.

Our advice is simple: no matter what type of business you have, take advantage of social media, especially Twitter!

You never know when someone will notice your efforts, and you’ll gain new customers simply for the effort you put into using Twitter effectively. 

So get out there, connect with people, and use the power of social media to build your business—you’ll be glad you did!