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Digital Marketing for Your Business – Best Tips and Practices

by Feb 24, 2022Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process in which brands and organizations promote their products, advertise their services, and connect with customers and clients online. The channels that encompass digital marketing are constantly evolving, but many fall into the following categories: social media, website, email, mobile, and search engines. Understanding and leveraging these channels can definitely strengthen your digital presence and retain clients. This post will dive-deep into the best digital growth strategies for social media marketing, website marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media Marketing

The world is getting smaller, and social media is one of the biggest reasons why. As we move towards a more globalized world; the concepts of business and marketing are redefining themselves. Geographical borders are steadily fading, language barriers are becoming a non-issue, customer and client bases are becoming more diverse than they’ve ever been, and the barriers to entry are minimal. Social media marketing is all about leveraging social media platforms to promote a brand, good or service. Think Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It’s a powerful tool because market research has now become as simple as scrolling through pages and pages of public accounts. Metrics like hashtags, likes and follower counts can help us gauge how big and popular a market is. These metrics can also serve as a roadmap for implementing a strategy, because what works will always rise to the top. With social media marketing, it’s a lot easier to identify trends and dissect a competitor’s success. But the most important characteristic is how social this channel really is. It’s the nature in which we can foster relationships and build networks. That’s the magic. There’s never been a time in history where customers and clients have been so reachable. People all around the world can be contacted instantly, whether through a comment or a direct message. Your products and services are all visible to the world, and at no cost. But there’s definitely a way to accelerate your growth and increase your visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. SEO is the process of optimizing and maximizing the reach of your website and social media platforms. The main purpose is to ensure your page appears as close to the top of a search engine as possible. More and more people are relying on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to discover businesses and brands, and with over 5.6 million Google searches made per day in 2021, this isn’t a strategy that should be ignored. What’s even more interesting is the fact that when a search is made, people click the first link 28.5% of the time. What does that mean? It means investing in SEO can be the difference between someone finding your website or not.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has a direct relationship with social media. The content created for any platform is meant to educate clients and consumers on your value offering, but it’s also meant to inspire them to seek out more information. There’s an underlying call to action with every piece of content we push out. Do we want the viewer to learn something? Do something? Feel something? Think of content marketing like an advertisement. Whether it’s a video, a picture, or an audio file, there’s a purpose behind what we showcase. And what we showcase should represent our brand, business, or organization in a positive way. Your content should be relevant, engaging, and build a certain level of trust with your audience. It’s like a person who’s consistent with what he or she says. You’re more likely to stick around and give them a chance. You’re more likely to build and strengthen that relationship. Content marketing in a nutshell is meant to attract a new following, but also retain your existing one.


Lastly, we have our website – the backbone of our digital presence. The purpose of your social media marketing is to direct people to your website. The purpose of creating content is to help inspire that visit. And the purpose of search engine optimization is to make it easier for people to find it. Your website is the channel in which fans become customers, followers become clients and peers become partners. It helps you establish your businesses, and adds a certain level of credibility that can really strengthen your brand. Among other reasons, having a professional website serves as a vehicle to thoroughly communicate your value proposition, and generate leads, sales, and subscriptions. Ultimately, it becomes your digital store.


We’re living in an unprecedented time in history. And this can be quite daunting. But it can also be exciting––because one thing is for sure, nothing opens up the door of opportunity quite as much as change. The sooner we embrace our new digital world, the sooner we can use it to our advantage, and take our brands and businesses to the next level. FCCF is here to help you navigate through the turbulence.