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Managing documents online made easy with powerful web apps

by Sep 20, 2021Remote Work

Managing Documents in Meetings

As we all continue to navigate the evolving virtual working environment, there have been processes that have seamlessly transitioned into an online setting, whereas tasks regarding managing documents during facilitations have become more challenging. Document management processes are crucial to conducting effective and informative meetings. With that, documents can be effortlessly viewed and all attendees are able to follow along with the shared information. However, with our experience hosting a variety of facilitations at FCCF, we have recognized frequent technical questions and limited barriers that exist within sharing documents. These include difficulties sharing different file types, opening and downloading unique file formats, annotating documents to highlight key points, as well as storing and sharing documents after meetings. At FCCF, we value providing smooth facilitations and time effective solutions to our clients and are excited to assist with document managing for your zoom meetings.

Zoom allows an immersive experience with the share screen ability during meetings. To help ease the responsibilities with document sharing, our facilitators are trained to assist with any sharing of documents or files as you need. This includes advanced sharing of files requiring only audio, video formatted files, and files from third-party sharing services (i.e. Microsoft OneDrive). Additionally, if files are too large or difficult to open, our facilitators are equipped with troubleshooting capabilities such that files can be sent to them to be compressed to achieve an easier way to access.

To elevate the presentation aspects of document sharing for participants, our facilitators can assist with highlighting and emphasizing key points or information using the Zoom annotation capabilities. Using the Spotlight tool, parts of the document can be effectively followed by attendees in the form of a laser pointer. Whereas, using the Vanishing Pen tool, facilitators can make temporary annotations on the screen to highlight or emphasize certain key information on the document for the viewer. If any annotations made during meetings are needed to be saved and accessed after, please reach out to your facilitator so that they may save annotations and send them to any attendees as per your requests.

Available Document Storage Platforms

There are many different options available as documentation storage platforms. Each option has various features and differs in what they are able to offer towards their users. The options we recommend include Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive. As there are various options available, it can become overwhelming and time consuming to determine which platform will be most effective for you. To assist this process, we have provided a further information on the various platforms available with a comparison chart that can be found here.

At FCCF, all facilitators are fully trained and experienced to provide solutions towards your document management process and understand all storage platforms in-depth. We are ready and happy to provide our knowledge and expertise to our clients.

How Our Team Can Help

Document management enables our clients to be more productive and efficient, ultimately allowing for less time spent searching for documents or facing technical barriers. With the document management services offered here at FCCF, we are able to provide assistance in the sharing and opening of documents, perform annotations, assist in the electronic signing of documents via DocuSign, and the sending of documents. The Future of Documents are no secret in the professional tech world, as the growing distribution and life cycle of document sharing is a central conversation in 2021. With the ongoing innovations in the field, the expert facilitators at FCCF are here to help you improve your document management, in order to sustain the highest standard of web conferencing, surpassing that of in person meetings.

If you are interested in any of the document management services offered at FCCF, please reach out to us or your facilitator today and we would be happy to assist you in any way possible. Alternatively, book a document consultation via our website to discover how document management can take any virtual meeting to the next level!

“The document had a pulse, a heartbeat of activity and I felt connected to these kindred “content” spirits. We were all working together to document something new.”

~ Forbes