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Electronic signatures are the new normal

by Sep 3, 2021Remote Work

Using DocuSign for electronic signatures

As an innovative technology company, it is important that we continue to deliver digital solutions that are advantageous to our clients. Through the numerous meetings we’ve held thus far, we have identified one area that facilitators can assist clients with, document signings and agreements. Physical document signings have become less frequent, with electronic signatures gaining a larger presence. More often than not, clients may have to chase down signatures for agreements or documents, and experience longer turnaround times. To minimize this, we are happy to recommend DocuSign as a versatile eSignature solution where facilitators can send out documents requiring parties’ signatures on behalf of clients.

DocuSign is our chosen platform for document signings due to several favourable reasons. With the use of the platform, a signer is presented with a streamlined process of a user-friendly interface and guidance of where to sign. This minimizes potential mistakes and maximizes client experience. It’s ubiquitous quality allows for signers to sign from any system, whether that be on their laptops or through the phone app and from various locations with its support of over 40 localized languages. Additionally, the platform addresses a large number of privacy concerns, clients may have, as it is highly secure. It meets global security standards and uses strong data encryption technologies. DocuSign enables facilitators to consistently deliver a process of ease and convenience to clients, as we are able to meet the demands and needs when it comes to document signings required in a wide range of different types of meetings

Each one of our facilitators is fully equipped and prepared to provide document signing services through Docusign. Some of the most common documents facilitators are asked to assist with are minutes of settlement, contract signatures and release forms. However, any documents requiring signatures can be used using DocuSign. Upon receiving a finalized document for signatures, facilitators will send the document through DocuSign to the various individuals that are required to sign it. Recipients will receive an email notification prompting them to sign the agreement. This is done without needing to download any applications, enhancing the simplicity and convenience of the platform. An easy interface and direct instructions will guide the signer through the process. A more in-depth guide and visual reference to a signer’s perspective on the platform can be viewed here. DocuSign’s effortless process of signing stems from its ability to send copies of the document to be signed by multiple signers; while, automatically consolidating signatures into one finalized copy sent to all interested parties, including counsel and the arbitrator/mediator.

Alternative eSignature Options

Although we recommend using DocuSign, there are still various eSignature platforms available. Each alternative differs in what they are able to offer and its ease of use towards signers. As there are various options available, it may be difficult and time-consuming to determine which platform you prefer. To assist with this process, we have provided a further comparison of the various document signing platforms, which can be found here.

At FCCF, all facilitators are fully trained and experienced using DocuSign. However, if needed, facilitators can set up and use other alternatives. If there are any unique documents with specific details, conditions and fields for signers to follow, please reach out to your facilitator to establish a personalized process. We are always happy to provide our knowledge, expertise and assistance to our clients.