Virtual Dispute Resolution

Stay focused by proceeding with First Class

We’re the bridge that connects you with your clients; leave the technology to us and stay focused on your proceedings

Powered by the Cloud

We utilize tools like Office 365, DocuSign, and Adobe Creative Cloud to streamline online proceedings. Share documents with anyone from anywhere and collect signatures for release forms and MOS all in real-time. 

Cut your meeting times in half with the power of cloud computing.

Cross-platform support

Connect from virtually any device at any location. We offer multiple methods of joining our meetings: dial-in with landline; connect from a mobile phone or tablet; join from your desktop PC, personal or work laptop, even your office conference system.

Join from virtually any device, anywhere, any time.

Hammer through your task list

Stay focused on what matters most: your clients. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to fix the meeting issues, leave the technical problems to our technicians and we’ll have the problem fixed in no time. 

Regain your time and focus on the matter at hand.

Present case materials with ease

Videos, audio files, PDF documents, virtually any file you need shared and presented can be done so with ease. Our technicians can assist with opening difficult files, compressing and sharing via OneDrive, and presenting them in the meeting for you.

Keep the presentation flow moving with our technicians.

Stay connected

We understand it’s difficult to stay connected when your network connection is unstable. That’s why we offer connection redundancy to ensure everyone can gain access to the meeting. We will work with participants to walk them through how to reconnect if they ever drop off.

Keep the meeting going, even when people disconnect.

By-your-side tech support

Reduce the time spent troubleshooting meeting issues and stay focused on the case matter. We will handle any technical issues that crop up and ensure the meeting proceeds without disruption. Our technicians have handled various issues in the past so they’re prepared for anything!

Minimize technical disruptions in your meeting.


The first thing we do is ensure our technicians have signed a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement with you stating that all materials regarding the case matter will remain confidential.


To ensure that all of your personal information remains private we have localized all information to Canadian data centers. That means all of your meeting data is safely routed and stored within Canadian borders.


We enforce strict security on all of our meeting accounts. Our enterprise licenses allow us to safeguard our meetings with stronger policies than a standard license.

Plan with us

Find out what makes proceeding with us so seamless

Talk to McKenzie about the best methods of proceeding virtually. He’s an expert when it comes to online technologies. When you plan with us you’re planning with the best; you’ll have a dedicated meeting facilitator to provide tech support throughout, assist with document sharing & e-signatures, and they’ll even manage the breakout rooms for you.

Book a demonstration with McKenzie

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