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Substance Use Disorder – Recovery Continuum Gaps and Solutions

The Challenge

In early 2022, Ronni Nordal from NORDAL Law Office reached out to our team about hosting a virtual conference. She had a vision for this event and needed assistance bringing the dream to reality. Nordal needed to have numerous speakers present slide decks, accommodate over 100 registrants, provide a method for people to ask questions, record the event, and distribute professional invitations to various groups.

Pre Event

In preparation for the event, our team worked on updating existing event materials to give them a more professional appearance. This involved custom invitations and an improved program agenda. To manage the attendees, a Zoom webinar was created with registration enabled. This would allow our team to generate better performance reports and provide better 1-on-1 assistance to those experiencing technical issues, should they arise.

Our team combed through the Zoom webinar settings to ensure everything was prepared for a flawless event, ensuring HD cloud recording and Q&A were enabled.

During the event

To ensure the panellists presenting at this 3.5-hour conference were prepared, our team launched the Zoom webinar built-in practice session to do a technical check-in and dry-run for each session. We double-checked all presentations were updated and could be shared without any issues. During the multi-speaker panel sessions, we spotlighted the active speakers for a simulated in-person panel experience. During the question periods our team notified the panel of questions the audience raised. Attendees who leveraged the Raise Hand feature were prompted to connect their audio and verbally ask their questions in real time.


Post Event

At the conclusion of the event, our team provided an HD recording of the conference, a transcript of the event, and a list of all the questions that were asked. We sent Nordal a detailed report of all the attendees and registrations. Overall, the conference was a complete success and the attendees left feeling more informed about substance use disorders.

The Results

It’s safe to say our work before, during and after the event contributed to its overall success. Our practice session offered organization with the panellists. During the event, it was the meticulous management of the Q&A session that helped it run smoothly. It was everything from the moderation of questions, the troubleshooting of technical issues, and the management of the Zoom webinar that helped us achieve positive results. After the event, our team created a shared folder where all the recordings were stored for easy access to view and download.

About NORDAL Law Office

Ronni has had the privilege of focusing her legal career on labour law and professional discipline. After completing her LL.M. in Employment and Labour Law as well as Arbitration, Med/Arb and Workplace Investigation and Parenting Co-ordinator training, she has transitioned her law practice to acting as a neutral Arbitrator, Mediator, Investigator or Parenting Co-ordinator.

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A Word From The Client

In the early spring of 2022 I came up with the idea of hosting a virtual conference on the topic of Substance Use Disorder – the Recovery Continuum – Gaps and Solutions. My addictions related advocacy is done off the side of my desk and on a volunteer basis – I have no expertise beyond lived experience. I came up with the idea and created a theme “Stop only picking dandelion heads and get to the roots”, arranged speakers and sent out a “save the date” email. Then I hit the spot of thinking “now what” – luckily I reached out to First Class Facilitation who took my rough idea and turned it into a professionally presented virtual conference.

From updating and improving the conference poster, to creating an online email registration process; communicating with panel members and registrants in advance (and during) the conference to using a virtual conference platform that allowed more than 100 people to attend – First Class Facilitation made my idea become a first class conference. The work done by First Class Facilitation reduced my workload pre and post conference significantly and let me participate in the conference without worrying about the technology.

I highly recommend First Class Facilitation not only for their professionalism, knowledge and skill but also their ability to listen to a vision and help bring it to fruition.

Ronni A. Nordal, Q.Arb., LL.M, K.C.

Partner, NORDAL Law Office