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Law Student Interviews with Gardiner Roberts LLP

The Challenge

The challenge was to smoothly organize a series of law student interviews over a period of three days. The interviews were to be conducted in a manner that ensures students do not interact with each other. It was essential to guarantee that students were in their designated rooms at the scheduled times, which required creating and distributing invitations to each round of interviewees. Additionally, it was critical to ensure all interviewers were present in the correct interview rooms with the correct students. Moreover, the interviewers were to be moved to different rooms upon request to interview different students, which presented a significant logistical challenge.

The Solution

To make sure we could host a series of virtual law student interviews on Zoom over three days without any hiccups, we came up with the following solution.

  • Before the event, we sent out multiple rounds of email invitations with different start times for each student.
  • Once the interviews began, we organized the GR staff into virtual breakout rooms on Zoom and admitted students from the waiting room at their scheduled interview time. We made sure that students couldn’t interact with each other by placing them in their corresponding breakout rooms one at a time. If any interviewers requested to move to a different breakout room, we made sure it happened in a timely manner.
  • At the end of each virtual interview time slot, we moved the GR staff back to their respective breakout rooms and brought in the new round of interviewees. We repeated this process for each of the three virtual interview days, making sure that everyone was in the right breakout room at the right time.

This process guaranteed a smooth and efficient experience for conducting virtual interviews, both for the interviewees and the interviewers.

The Results

The law student interviews were a great success thanks to the seamless and professional services provided by our team. By sending out multiple rounds of email invitations with different start times and organizing GR staff into their respective breakout rooms, we ensured that students were admitted at their scheduled interview times and placed in the correct rooms. Our team was able to effortlessly move staff to different rooms upon request and handle the logistics of each day’s interview schedule. Our client was completely satisfied with our services, highlighting the seamless nature of the way we handled things and the relief of having to manage all of the behind-the-scenes technology. We are thrilled to have exceeded their expectations and helped make their event a success.

Additionally, Gardiner Roberts has continued to work with us year after year for their law student interview events because of the simplicity we bring to the process. By taking care of all the behind-the-scenes technology and coordination, we have relieved the client of a significant amount of stress and allowed them to focus on the actual interviews themselves. This has led to a much smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved, which is why our client has continued to choose us as their go-to provider for this important annual event.

About Gardiner Roberts LLP

In an ever-changing business world, Gardiner Roberts LLP enjoys a distinctive edge. With origins traced back to 1920s, Gardiner Roberts has evolved with Canada’s legal needs, providing the client-centric benefits of a full-service law firm with the dexterity of a mid-sized one. This effective combination has yielded a diversified client base that relies on us to provide in-depth, progressive advice to address complex business issues.

A Word From The Client

I had an excellent experience working with this team. From start to finish, everything was first-rate. They helped us overcome the virtual nature of our interviews, which was a major problem we were facing. They seamlessly created various rooms and allowed interviewers to move between them without any hiccups. What stood out most was their completely professional and seamless approach. We essentially did not notice they were there, and everything was done seamlessly. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend or colleague as they were 100% professional throughout our collaboration. We are completely satisfied with their services.

Bryan Skolnik

Managing Partner, Operations, Gardiner Roberts LLP