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What’s Hot This Month: Virtual Event Management

by Dec 22, 2021Virtual

What’s Hot This Month: Virtual Event Management


What We Can Offer (A One-Stop Shop)


An effective strategy and launch plan establish the foundation for any successful event. For this reason, our team begins with a detailed brainstorming conversation with the client to establish the virtual event vision, expectations and offer ideas to further elevate the event. A personalized event team is uniquely created to the client’s event need and can potentially be comprised of the following specialties: an event planner, a digital marketing manager, a developer, video editor, a meeting facilitator an IT specialist…etc.

Prior to the Event

The success of any virtual event lies in the preparation. Our team fully understands this and can assist with the marketing, logistics, and training aspects of your event. We can run a digital marketing campaign from start to finish (planning, creation, and execution). Our team can create a custom landing page for your event where all event information can be easily accessible by attendees. Click here to see a demo of a landing page we can create for your next event. As the event date approaches, our team can create and distribute personalized event invitations with the required details to all expected attendees, circulate any resources that may be needed prior to the event, and we can handle and track registration if need be. We can also provide our expertise in visual graphics and video creation/editing to enhance speaker presentations. Lastly, our team can host any necessary dry runs/test sessions with speakers or any attendees to allow them to become comfortable with the platform and the flow of the event.

The possibilities for your next virtual event are endless when supported by our team. As a handy takeaway, we wanted to provide a list of our favourite third-party software that may be integrated to elevate your next virtual event here. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of the software or how we utilize them for virtual events, please book a consultation session with us here.

Event Day

We understand that the day of your event can be stressful which is why on the day of the event our expert FCCF facilitator(s) can take care of all the moving pieces your virtual event may have. Facilitator(s) can handle any specific background logistics, such as organizing breakout room for networking sessions, spotlighting keynote speakers, utilizing polls, sharing speaker’s presentations, and/or distributing resources in the chat, etc… To ensure a smooth event, your dedicated facilitator will also be on standby, ready to troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise with event participants and speakers. Your facilitator can also record all the questions asked and the answers to the question, providing them in a document for event attendees as a post-event resource. If requested, we are happy to assist with the recording or live stream of your event as well. To elevate your event appearance, we have provided an informative take-me-home to share our recommended hardware options here.


We can provide a variety of post-event reports and analytics for your reference. Depending on the type of event and what reports you’d like, we can provide custom survey results, video recordings, meeting analytics, and more! We can also circulate any necessary post-event resources to attendees. For your reference, we have provided a step-by-step summary of what working with us for your next event could look like here.

Virtual Events: The New (and continued) Norm?

In a time where virtual events have taken over as the new norm, being able to host elaborate virtual events can be what sets you apart from your competitors. Here at First Class, we take pride in handling the logistics and technical aspects of events, allowing clients to display themselves as leaders in their industries and actually enjoy their own events.

Each First Class virtual event is hosted with cost-effectiveness in mind. When you work with us, we give you back your time and remove any potential travel costs associated with in-person events. Clients can also expect an increase in event turnout due to the increased accessibility and convenience, based on the experiences of many of our current clients by holding their events virtually.

We’re always ready to take on new projects and challenges. Plan your next virtual event with us and we’ll show you first-hand, the process and execution of a truly First Class event. For more information on First Class virtual events check out our website here.