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Virtual meeting facilitation services – and why you need it

by Feb 3, 2022Virtual

What are Virtual Meeting Facilitation Services?

Virtual meeting facilitation services help virtual meetings and online events run smoothly, productively and with minimal tech-related disruptions. From handling registrations and breakout rooms, to designing your landing and exit pages, meeting facilitation services are technical and logistical in nature. Here at FCCF, we manage all aspects of your virtual endeavours, from beginning to end. Our primary objective is to have your event running as efficiently as possible.

Why are Virtual Meeting Facilitation Services Necessary?

Virtual and Hybrid meetings are becoming the norm, and they’re extremely beneficial. Your audience size widens, your participation becomes more flexible, and it’s cost efficient. What we saw in 2020, due in large part to the global pandemic, was an increase in virtual meeting participants. Google Meet, Cisco and Microsoft Teams all saw drastic increases in their daily activity, with Zoom alone seeing over 300 million meeting participants per day – a 2900% increase from 2019.

But what does that tell us? It tells us that many people, and many organizations have adjusted to a virtual world. A new medium for communication developed before our very eyes, but with it, came a new set of challenges––challenges that many people still face today. It goes without saying that the biggest difference between virtual meetings and in-person meetings, is our newfound reliance on technology. In the past, we never had to think about network issues, or incorrect invite links, or colleagues accidentally muting themselves. We never had to think about background noises, or sharing screens, or poor connections or inadequate volumes. But these very elements not only need to be considered; they need to be optimized for virtual meetings to be as––or more––effective than in-person meetings. To thrive virtually, these tech-related qualities need to be aligned. Let’s consider how Meeting Facilitation Services can be beneficial:

Save Time. Save Effort. Save Money.

You as an individual, save time and effort. Hosting virtual meetings and events can be tiresome. There’s a lot of planning and preparation involved; and time spent on this only takes away from the development of your content, or the refinement of your speaking points. Your effort shouldn’t be split, and with meeting facilitation services, it doesn’t have to. We take care of your registrations, your invite links, your marketing; we ensure the right people are always speaking, and at the right time. When there’s connection issues, we resolve it. When it’s time for participants to breakout into rooms, we coordinate it. We work behind the scenes, so you can flourish in them.

Stay Focused on Your Virtual Meeting

We pride ourselves in facilitating meetings with ease. Having a smooth event is invaluable because it allows you to focus on your purpose. What’s on your agenda? What are your goals? Who’s saying what? When technology isn’t on your mind, you pay more attention to the people in your meeting. You pick up on non-verbal cues. You hear the nuances in people’s voices. You’re able to read the room as you would in person. Essentially, your meetings become more effective. They become more focused; and as a host, manager or a leader, there’s no greater achievement. What also contributes to your ability to focus on your meeting, is having the peace of mind that Meeting Facilitators increase your overall security. At FCCF we’re equipped with data-localized zoom accounts, which means all your data within Canada will remain on a Canadian server. This is increasingly important for clients in highly sensitive industries like law and medicine. So although our presence won’t always be seen, it will definitely be felt.


FCCF’s purpose is simple. We want to make your online meetings an incredibly seamless experience, from concept to completion. We understand that everyone has differing levels of tech-savviness, therefore our meeting facilitation services are completely tailor-made. You shouldn’t have to troubleshoot technical issues during a meeting. You should just be meeting. Leave the rest to us.

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