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Interpretation Services

Virtual & In-Person Interpretation Services

We are experts in effortlessly integrating interpretation into your event or legal proceedings. Whether it’s simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, we can seamlessly integrate language services to ensure smooth communication throughout your virtual, hybrid, or in-person booking.

Why Choose Us?

Effortless Integration

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation are seamlessly incorporated into your event or legal proceeding, without any disruptions.

Streamlined Setup

We handle all aspects of setting up the interpretation options, leaving you with peace of mind and the ability to focus on the event or legal booking itself.

User-Friendly Experience

Participants can easily select their preferred language, allowing them to fully engage and understand the proceedings with ease.

Expert Assistance

Our dedicated team can help organize and find you certified simultaneous and consecutive intenterpreters. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to bring your own interpreter, and we’ll ensure a smooth integration with them.

If you do not want to commit to having a simultaneous or consecutive Interpreter we can also set up closed-captioning/subtitles in virtually any language you would like. Once we set this up participants will be able to choose which language they would like their subtitles to be in. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Integrating Interpretation to your Hybrid Event or Legal Proceeding

Integrating Hybrid Interpretation into your legal proceedings or events has never been more seamless. As experts in handling the technical logistics of hybrid events, we can also ensure a smooth interpretation experience for both in-person and virtual attendees you may have.

For in-person participants, we can take care of organizing certified interpreters or can easily integrate with your interpreters if you always have them. We have all of the interpretation equipment necessary to ensure a seamless interpretation experience for your in-person participants which includes receivers, headsets, audio mixers, speakers, and more. This equipment allows participants to effortlessly listen to the proceeding in their preferred interpreted language. If any participant needs to speak, we can set them up to a mic that goes directly to the interpreters who can relay what they say into the speakers for both virtual and in-person participants, creating a truly fluent communication flow.

For virtual attendees, our team can efficiently set up language channels, allowing virtual participants to easily select their desired language for interpretation. Not ready to commit to Simultaneous or consecutive Interpreters? We can also arrange close captioning/subtitles in any language of your choice, providing an inclusive experience for all virtual attendees.

We understand the importance of clarity in communication, especially in Legal proceedings. We can also offer side chat breakout rooms for anyone, whether attending in person or virtually, who needs to discuss the proceedings with the interpreter, seek clarification, or have any questions addressed.

At First Class Facilitation, we understand the importance of effective and seamless communication. Let us take care of the language interpretation aspects so that you can deliver a truly exceptional and inclusive event or legal proceeding.


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