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Remote Arbitration and Mediation Services

Empower Your Hearings with Seamless Online and In-Person Support

Resolve disputes seamlessly with our arbitration and mediation support. Whether online or in-person, we have the technology and expertise to facilitate fair and efficient proceedings. Contact us to learn more and ensure your hearings are conducted with precision and professionalism.

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What we offer

Online Meeting Facilitation – Virtual Med/Arb

Since 2020, we have been at the forefront of facilitating a wide range of legal proceedings, ensuring efficiency and fairness in every case. Our expertise spans various types of proceedings, including but not limited to:

  1. Arbitration / Mediation
  2. Collective Bargaining
  3. Investigations
  4. Settlement Conferences
  5. Inquests

Our technicians are expertly trained to understand the proceedings at hand and provide targeted assistance in a variety of legal meetings. We go a step above standard technical support and bring a unique touch to every event we manage.

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Arbitration / Mediation

Our experienced team helps parties navigate through arbitration and mediation processes, fostering constructive dialogues and facilitating resolutions that meet the interests of all parties involved.

Collective Bargaining

We specialize in providing support for collective bargaining negotiations, helping parties reach agreements that address key concerns and promote collaboration.


Our thorough and meticulous approach to investigations ensures that all relevant facts are uncovered and analyzed, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

Settlement Conferences

We facilitate settlement conferences with professionalism and sensitivity, guiding parties towards mutually acceptable resolutions and minimizing conflict.


With our expertise in managing inquests, we ensure that proceedings are conducted smoothly and in compliance with legal requirements, promoting transparency and accountability.

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Technical Support for Remote Mediation & Arbitration

During the facilitation process, our dedicated facilitators prioritize discretion and professionalism. They are never visible unless requested to turn on their cameras, ensuring a focus on the proceedings at hand. Our facilitators offer a comprehensive range of support services, including:

  1. Assistance Joining the Meeting
  2. Technical Troubleshooting
  3. Exhibit Screen Sharing
  4. Private Live Streaming
  5. E-Signing via DocuSign
  6. Language Interpretation Services
  7. AI-Generated Transcripts
  8. Meeting Recordings

Additionally, our facilitators adhere to strict confidentiality standards and always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before facilitating any legal proceeding. At FCCF, we prioritize confidentiality, professionalism, and excellence in supporting your legal proceedings.

Assistance Joining the Meeting

We provide seamless assistance to all participants, ensuring smooth access to the virtual meeting environment.

Technical Troubleshooting

Our team is ready to assist anyone experiencing technical issues, ensuring uninterrupted participation in the proceedings.

Exhibit Screen Sharing

Upon request, we facilitate screen sharing of exhibits, enhancing collaboration and clarity during discussions.

Private Live Streaming

For added privacy, we offer private live streaming options upon request, ensuring confidentiality during sensitive proceedings.

E-Signing via DocuSign

Our secure e-signing solutions through DocuSign streamline document handling and signature processes, saving time and effort.

Language Interpretation Services

We provide professional language interpretation services upon request, ensuring effective communication in multilingual environments.

AI-Generated Transcripts

Upon request, we can provide AI-generated transcripts of the proceedings, offering a detailed record for reference and review.

Meeting Recordings

We offer recordings of the meetings upon request, allowing participants to revisit discussions and decisions as needed.

Integrating Audio-Visual Requirements


  • Audio equipment rentals, including
    • Complete sound systems
    • Audio mixers
    • Wired and wireless microphones
  • Virtual events integration of presenters/attendees
  • Audio installation
  • Audio integration for Simultaneous Interpretation (virtual and on-site)


  • Video equipment rentals, including
    • Cameras & tripods
    • Video switchers
    • Projectors and portable projection screens
  • Livestreaming solutions
  • Pre-recorded video editing
  • Video integration for Simultaneous
  • Interpretation (virtual and on-site)

Full Service Audio-Video Solutions

You can’t host simultaneous interpretation if the interpreters can’t hear anything, that’s why at FCCF we provide a full-service solution. Along with coordinating interpreters and providing interpretation equipment, we can provide all of the necessary audio-visual equipment to ensure every booking is consistent and seamless!

We can accommodate remote interpreters for on-site events using a blend of audio-visual equipment such as audio mixers, transmitters, and receivers, and integrating it with virtual interpretation platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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