FCCF Services


Legal proceedings, general meetings, interviews, and more live-streamed with our trusted technicians

Seamlessly Managed

Integrate a livestream to your online meeting or conference to make it easy for your audience to access your content. Our technicians are experts when it comes to bringing your meeting to life on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Take your livestreams to another level and reach a larger audience when working with us. We’ll handle the back-end tech while you focus on delivering your content.


Option 1: Hourly Livestream (no facilitation)
This service is billed by the hour at a rate of $100/hour + HST

Option 2: Hourly Livestream (facilitation)
This service is billed by the hour at a rate of $150/hour + HST

Option 3: Livestream + Half-Day Facilitation
This service requires a flat fee of $200 + HST for the half-day facilitation, plus an additional hourly rate of $50/hour + HST for the livestream. A half day consists of 4 hours of meeting time.

Option 4: Livestream + Full-Day Facilitation
This service requires a flat fee of $400 + HST for the full-day facilitation, plus an additional hourly rate of $50/hour + HST for the livestream. A full day consists of 7.5 hours of meeting time.

Meeting Logistics

There are various ways to bring a meeting to life with a livestream. Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have integrated software to livestream the meeting, however, these don’t always cover everything you need. Events with simultaneous presentations can’t be covered with just one stream. Our team can provide multiple streams of one meeting, even with breakout rooms, by utilizing a custom stream landing page. Our team utilizes third-party software to make multi-view streaming possible.


Each of our meetings are run with the highest security measures put into place. Quite often people ask us what makes our meetings so secure compared to their own. Well, the answer is quite simple, we always run the latest, most stable versions of the application software, plus we take multiple precautionary measures prior to the meeting to ensure only the participants who were invited attend the meeting. 

Our tech team routinely checks the latest updates on our software to make sure our meetings are as secure as possible. All members of our team have strict security settings enforced on their meeting accounts that can only be lifted by administrators. Additionally, our accounts have additional security features such as data localization to keep your information more secure.


All of our technicians sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement before working with you to ensure that everything in your meeting remains confidential.