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General Meeting Facilitation

Annual General Meetings | Community Gatherings | Membership Meetings | Private Events | Shareholder Meetings | Training & Workshops

Live facilitation for any general meeting through the platform of your choice. Receive 24/7 support from your dedicated technician(s) and allow them to manage your meeting from start to finish.

 “Our team dedicates themselves to make sure you can be virtually connected no matter where you are. Connecting people across the world is our mission!”


Circulate meeting invites with digital calendar attachments, therefore making organisation simple. Further, we will provide pre- and post- event attendee reports.


Powerful integrations and third-party software in order to make your life easier.


We have the highest levels of security enforced across all of our meetings. Additionally, our accounts have all data localized to Canadian servers. 



Our technicians sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure everything in your meeting remains confidential.

Meeting Facilitation Abilities


Record your meeting with our secure software.


Broadcast your meeting to a wide network.

Live Interpretation

Live language interpretation.

Resource Distribution

Pre- and post-meeting attendee reports and resource distribution

Screen Sharing

Live screen sharing assistance.

24/7 Support

Live tech support at any time.

Meeting Facilitation Case Studies

Laurentian University Faculty Association

Throughout this virtual meeting, in-meeting motions and votes were conducted, in addition to presentations that were made using the Share Screen function on Zoom. With this came internet connection issues, creating challenges for those who needed to present, while also required to engage with others using their microphone and camera. However, these technical difficulties were quickly rectified due to the professionalism, responsiveness, and technical prowess of the facilitators at First Class Facilitation.

Meeting Facilitation Blog Posts

Zoom + Live Language Interpretation

Zoom + Live Language Interpretation

As May progresses and our team unceasingly revolutionizes the way that virtual meetings are made possible, we have continued to broaden our abilities to adapt to the ever-changing technological environment. With this, has also come a greater demand from our amazing clients, as video conferencing is constantly evolving.

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Virtual Conferencing in a Post-Pandemic World

Virtual Conferencing in a Post-Pandemic World

FCCF has revolutionized the way online meetings are held through the use of various platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. When the pandemic hit there was a demand for virtual conferencing in different sectors and FCCF took that opportunity to create a way for people to meet effectively and comfortably online.

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