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Virtual Dispute Resolution

Arbitration & Mediation | Cross Examination | Disciplinary Hearings | IAC Hearings | Investigations

Our team can handle your virtual disputes from start to finish so you can focus on the important and meaningful content in your meeting. From breakrooms, e-document signing, to sharing of evidence, we can do it all and have the experience handling any technical issue that may arise.

 “Our team dedicates themselves to make sure you can be virtually connected no matter where you are. Connecting people across the world is our mission!”


Powerful integrations and third-party software will make your life easier



Our technicians sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure everything in your meeting remains confidential.


We have the highest levels of security enforced across all of our meetings. Our accounts have all data localized to Canadian servers


Circulate meeting invites with digital calendar attachments.

Dispute Resolution Abilities


Record your dispute with our secure software.


Broadcast your dispute to a wide network.

Live Interpretation

Live language interpretation.

Resource Distribution

Pre- and post-dispute attendee reports and resource distribution

Screen Sharing

Live screen sharing assistance.

24/7 Support

Live tech support at any time.

Dispute Resolution Blog Posts

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