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Event Management

The digital world continues to affect the in-person experience of implementing, attending and managing events. Our event management team has experience planning, managing and executing both personal and corporate events of any size.

 “Our Event Management team dedicates themselves to ensure you can be virtually connected no matter where you are. Connecting people across the world is our mission!”

Event Management Packages

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Event Management Additions

Event Landing Pages

Our developers can create a landing page for your event with custom branding, registration information, event resources, recordings, and so much more. The possibilities are virtually endless with the design, content, and creation of your custom landing page.

  • Customizable and branded event pages
  • Localized event information, registration, invites, links, media, resources, and more
  • Dynamic in that you can update a site at any time for the most up to date information, as opposed to sending out multiple emails regarding event updates
  • Mailing list and customizable invites within the landing page

Event Marketing

Our team of marketing experts uses a combination of social media, pay-per-click advertisements, and search engine optimization to promote your event to a wide audience.

  • Custom branded content, LinkedIn events and groups, managed by our social media team
  • Email marketing with custom content and designs
  • Promoted ads on LinkedIn, Google, and Eventbrite
  • Reports, analytics, and results of campaigns, registrant vs attendee turnout, engagement ratings, satisfaction surveys, and more

Event Management Case Studies

Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP

We needed to have multiple competition rooms open with participants, adjudicators, and hosts entering and exiting throughout the weekend. Also, we needed to be able to live stream the competition to the public. First Class Facilitation was engaged and they immediately provided our firm with an elegant solution to our various challenges. During the competition weekend, the team from First Class Facilitation provided excellent support throughout the day and the competition occurred without a hitch.

Society of Ontario Adjudicators & Regulators

The event was recorded & edited by the First Class team; then conveniently shared on an online expo to reach the trainees. After the event concluded, FCCF provided us with survey results of the satisfaction of the event, all of the presenter resources, and a chat transcript, which was easily accessible from a single OneDrive link. Working with First Class is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that makes any online event possible and successful!

Event Management Blog Posts

Top 13 Resources to Elevate Your Virtual Events

Top 13 Resources to Elevate Your Virtual Events

Here at FCCF, we routinely host virtual events such as AGMs, interviews, shareholder meetings, shareholder meetings, dispute resolution meetings, and more. Over our time of facilitating these events, we’ve taken notes on the do’s and do not’s of online resources to elevate online events. Part of ensuring a seamless virtual event is having the right software and online tools. We handpicked some of our favourite resources and provided them below.

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Virtual Event Management: The New Normal

Virtual Event Management: The New Normal

From the initial planning conversation through to attendee feedback, First Class works closely with each client in a detail-oriented approach. Our hand-crafted team of tech-savvy professionals acts as your own unique event management team to ensure that there are no loose ends left untied. With FCCF, every event is executed seamlessly to portray your organization as an innovative leader in your industry.

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Managing Documents in a Virtual Working Environment

Managing Documents in a Virtual Working Environment

As we all continue to navigate the evolving virtual working environment, there have been processes that have seamlessly transitioned into an online setting, whereas tasks regarding document management during facilitations have become more challenging. Document management processes are crucial to conducting effective and informative meetings. With that, documents can be effortlessly viewed and all attendees are able to follow along with the shared information.

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