Our Services

Event Planning

Breathe your online event new life

Work with our experts to elevate your online experience. We use a suite of software and online services to make your online event as seamless as an in-person one. With the power of cloud computing nearly anything is possible; resource distribution, live broadcasts, single-page access, everything needed to keep your clients engaged and your event thriving.

Interruption-free virtual events

We minimize any potential disruptions in your events by leveraging every tool in our belt. Having facilitated thousands of online events we’ve become experts at troubleshooting issues and preparing for virtually any online event. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about working with us! 

Virtual Dispute Resolution

Proceed with a facilitator & regain your focus

Thousands of hours logged by First Class technicians trained specifically to bring dispute resolution to the digital world. We’ll handle invitations, breakout sessions, document distribution, electronic signatures, and so much more. Customize the meeting to your needs and receive a post-meeting recording, transcript, and report of meeting participants if necessary.

Stay Productive. Stay Focused.

Don’t waste time managing the technology; concentrate on what you’re good at! Troubleshooting technical issues while trying to present in a meeting is a recipe for disaster. Having to repeatedly stop due to interruptions will throw you off track and inevitably slow the progress of your meeting.

Learn more about how we can help make your next meeting hassle-free!


Become the tech-expert of your meetings

It’s our job to stay connected with the latest technology for online meetings. Let us pass our knowledge onto you (or your team!) so you can host meetings like it’s nobody’s business. You’ll leave our training so well equipped everyone will be in awe at your next meeting. Learn about presentation etiquette, troubleshooting techniques, account management, and every tool at your disposal on the platform of your choice.