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A team dedicated to connecting people across the world, one meeting at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you utilize breakout rooms in Zoom?

Yes, we use breakout rooms in almost every meeting we host. We can label them according to your request, or we can leave them set to the standard names we provide based on the meeting type.


Do you use Microsoft Teams for meetings?

Yes, we use Microsoft Teams quite often. Depending on your meeting type we highly recommend booking an orientation if you require breakout rooms. Compared to Zoom, Teams is not as fluid when it comes to joining and leaving breakout rooms.


How do you handle security in your meetings?

We take security very seriously and we ensure the privacy & confidentiality of all information we collect, hear, or come in contact with through a collection of measures. To learn more about how we ensure security view our Privacy Policy.


Do I need a Zoom account?

Not at all! All you need is the app downloaded on your device if your meeting is hosted with us. If you plan on running your own meetings, you can sign-up for a (free) Basic account or get a paid license for a Pro account.


Do I need a Teams account or application?

You don’t need an account or the application to join a Teams meeting, however, you will notice it is much more difficult to participate in the meeting without them. We highly recommend installing the app on your device to join a meeting and better yet creating an account to join meetings with.


What industries do you service?

We originally started out in the labour law industry facilitating virtual mediations and arbitrations. We have since expanded into servicing various types of meetings including AGMs, investigations, interviews, galas, competitions, and conferences.