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Everything You Need To Know About Livestreaming

by Apr 12, 2022Livestreaming

FCCF’s First Virtual Conference

We have decided to host our first ever Virtual Conference on April 26th, 2022 starting at 6 pm EST. The conference will feature a variety of concurrent sessions all focused around tech innovation, the future of tech, and cybersecurity. Special guests include the Global Deputy CIO of Zoom Video Communications Gary Sorrentino, Arbitrator and Mediator Paula Knopf, the Executive Director of the  Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators Daphne Simon, Associate Lawyer at CompClaim Tristan Hunter, The Ombudsman of the City of Toronto Kwame Addo, the CEO of Owl Networks Codey May, the Managing Director & Owner of Berti Group Adam Berti, and the President of Forvest Global Lyle Stein.

To learn more about the event and register click here.

Thank You For 2 Amazing Years!

April 1st 2022 marks our second year of running FCCF! Thank you all for 2 amazing years, we have the best, nicest, and kindest clients and supporters a start up could ever ask for. We have loved every single minute of working with each and every one of you. It has been so inspiring and truly enjoyable getting to know, talk, and learn from you all. We will cherish the relationships we have built with all of our clients and supporters for a lifetime.

We are so grateful for these past 2 years and we’ll continue to work hard, innovate, and refine our services. Thank you all for being a part of our journey. We cannot wait to see what year 3 has in store!

Everything You Need To Know About Livestreaming

Livestreaming, which we define as the broadcasting of videos in real-time, has surged in popularity over the course of the pandemic. As the sole element that bridges the gap between virtual and in-person events (Hybrid), this comes as no surprise. Livestreaming is powerful, and that’s because it enables both audiences to experience something at the very same time. It eliminates geographic barriers, reduces cost, and allows individuals and organizations to tap into markets they never had access to.

Livestreaming Applications

Livestreaming applications have been around for quite some time, but as the market continued to mature, a few notable options rose to the top. What we consider external applications, like Vimeo, Dacast or IBM Video Streaming, are perhaps the most sophisticated. These applications require a monthly or annual subscription but promise superior features and functionality.

Add-ons through Zoom & Microsoft Teams are also available for purchase, and though they lack in certain categories, we consider these options to have the most potential as they promise seamless integration with their already sought-after services.

Lastly, we have livestreaming through social media via Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram Live. While limited in features and security, they all make up for it in audience reach, marketability and of course, cost.

How Do We Choose One?

With so many options at our disposal, how do we make a decision? We recommend analyzing each application through the follow six metrics: user-friendliness, functionality, product features, video quality, security, and cost. Not only will this give you a better sense of what each application offers, it’ll help you understand which metric supports your personal or business needs the most.


Before choosing a livestreaming application, strongly consider how comfortable you, or someone on your team is with technology. As technology evolves and becomes more effective, it usually becomes more intricate too. Opting for a platform with an intuitive user experience could be invaluable.


Why do you need a livestreaming application in the first place? Are you trying to bring your team together? Are you hoping to grow your audience? Do you need an application that can integrate with social media or with external plug-ins? Depending on your objectives, these questions need to be considered.

Product Features:

How sophisticated is the application? Are you choosing an application that can sustain your growth? If your tech-savviness expands, will there be enough bells and whistles to satisfy your appetite? We may need an application that can evolve with us in the long-term.

Video Quality:

How important is video quality to you? Some livestreaming applications lower the quality of your video for the sake of improved connectivity or lowered bandwidth. And some applications prohibit you from using an external camera for filming. We need to know what our final product will look like before we make our decision.


Is security important? Should the recordings be encrypted? Should everyone have access? Like an exclusive party, sometimes we want an intricate vetting process. But not all applications will be the same in this regard. It’s important to know how secure your livestreaming sessions will be.


Lastly, we have cost. Like most products and services, prices fluctuate. And while some options are inexpensive with less functionality or reduced quality, some may be pricier but will boast superior security and more product features.

Our Experience with Livestreaming

We like to use Dacast to host all of our livestreams as it provides an extremely high-quality stream and has in-depth security settings. Since we stream a variety of legal proceedings security is our top priority and Dacast is extremely secure. 

Our team has livestreamed a variety of different legal proceedings and events. For the second year we had the privilege of streaming the annual National Labour Arbitration Competition hosted by Mathews Dinsdale. The event required 4 competitions running at the same time in 4 breakout rooms. In each competition room we had someone from our team stream that room to a landing page that we created where viewers could easily watch from home.

As we continue to embrace livestreaming, and the benefits it has on virtual and hybrid models, we do look forward to a day where restrictions are lifted for good. We hope everyone stays safe as we continue to navigate our changing world.

To learn more about our livestreaming services, please visit our website here.

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