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Empowered by Devices: Device Specifications

Minimum system requirements for donating your device

CPU Requirements

Ideally, your system has a 1.8Ghz dual-core or higher processor.

GPU Requirements

Unless a discrete GPU is installed in the system, an integrated GPU is required. 

Storage Requirements

At a minimum, 64 Gb of storage is required on the system. For optimal performance, 128 Gb or more is preferred.

RAM Requirements

At a minimum, your system should have 4+ Gb of RAM. For optimal performance, 8 Gb or more is preferred.

Necessary Peripherals

Please ensure that you include all power cables necessary to power/charge the donated device. If you are donating a desktop machine, please try to donate a mouse and keyboard along with it. If possible, including a monitor with the desktop would be preferred but is not necessary.

All mobile devices should be accompanied by a proper charger and any external peripherals that came with the device in the box. At the very least, please include the device and charger in your donation.

How to find your device specifications