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Empowered by Devices

A Technology Drive for Afghan Refugees

How you can get involved

Collect any old devices and drop them off at a drop-off location or take them in on one of our drop-off days. Share this with your family and friends. Spread the awareness on social media with #EmpoweredByDevices.


Every device matters and helps a refugee connect with family & friends, participate in virtual support classes to help them learn English, obtain their citizenship, and find employment to progress their new life as a fellow Canadian.

Listen to FCCFs interview with  Fahima, manager of LINC classes and the first worker at the AWO back in 1990 and hear what she has to say about the current problems the Afghan refugees in Canada are facing, and more.

About the device drive

The “what” of it all

FCCF is teaming up with the AWO to create a device drive and collect donated, old devices from friends, family, and organizations. We will be cleaning and refurbishing all of these devices for the AWO to give to Afghan refugees.

By donating a device you will create immediate change in the life of an Afghan Refugee that will impact them for a lifetime.

Why this matters today

the power of technology

Due to Covid, and so many services moving online, Afghan refugees are cut off from many of the amazing services available to help them settle in Canada. Without a device they cannot access LINC classes, settlement counselling, employment supports, referrals to legal aid, or even keep in touch with their own families and friends. This is why it is so important now more than ever that these refugees get devices. We want them to thrive, but this isn’t possible without the power of technology. The trauma they’ve experienced these past few months is unimaginable and we want to make these next few steps in Canada just a little bit easier.

We want to create measurable change now that will make a difference to Afghan refugee lives positively for a lifetime.

Daily Drop-off Locations

You can donate your devices at any of the below drop-off locations. Please contact the respective drop-off location coordinator in order to arrange for a safe and secure donation. We appreciate your support for this cause!

Please remember to check that your donation meets the specifications and includes all necessary peripheral equipment.


7 Portland Street
Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L3

Any day at any time, contact Diane Gee at (647) 308-0835

Get directions


111213 11th Line
Erin, ON L9W 7A4

Any day at any time, contact McKenzie Day at (647) 824-4071

Get directions

Air Heat Supplies - Etobicoke

15 McMurray Avenue
Toronto, ON M6P 2S9

Storefront, Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM, contact Ward Day at (416) 996-4071

Get directions

COVID Precaution: All individuals at our drop-off locations and events are fully vaccinated. We will still be practicing necessary safety precautions involving any point of contact. We encourage you to also wear a facemask when dropping off any devices.

Security Notice: All devices are being securely erased and the hard drives reformatted. Each device will have a new operating system installed on it with all previous data being overwritten and removed.

About the organization

Afghan Women’s Organization

The AWO grew out of humble beginnings in 1990. Initially, the organization was entirely volunteer-run by its founder, Adeena Niaizi, and a handful of refugee women from Afghanistan. These like-minded women from the Afghan committee came together to form a committee to help other Afghan women refugees. They started off in a small office without furniture. Fahima Fatah was AWO’s first official staff member working with a second-hand typewriter at a small desk. Out of that tiny office, hearts and minds came together to assist more and more Afghan women and their families.

The AWO has always been like a family and our clients are at the heart of this extended family. As our warm and welcoming organization grew, our client base began to become more diverse. Our efforts to achieve our mission to improve newcomers’ and refugees’ quality of life, to help them live in dignity and reach their full potential while promoting their social and economic inclusion, have enabled us to serve over 19,000 clients who have experienced war and violence from Afghanistan, Iran, other countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, South and East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Why FCCF cares

FCCF’s mission is to Connect People Around the World. In a world so dependent on technology, it is important we work together to break down the barriers many people face when trying to access technology. FCCF chose to partner with the AWO as the values we hold closely align with their mission and goals. Technology should not be a privilege, we know with how society has moved forward devices are no longer a luxury but a requirement.

FCCF will continue to work with organizations until equal access to devices is the standard.


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