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Too Small Too Fail with James Breiding

The Challenge

Forvest, a global wealth management company, wanted to host a virtual event with Swiss author James Breiding. They had many goals and requirements for this event, including:

  • increasing the number of registrations and attendees,
  • accommodating attendees across a range of time zones,
  • creating various PowerPoint presentations for Breiding,
  • and, most importantly, ensuring the attendees could not interrupt Breiding

The Solution

Pre Event

Our team started by creating a custom landing page to localize all of the event information. This helped attendees easily access all of the event details. We also design an interactive map on the landing page to showcase what times things were happening in different time zones. This ensured all attendees were on the same page no matter where they were located.

We embedded the registration on the landing page, making it easy and straightforward for attendees to register for their event. Our team also created and distributed custom invites for all the attendees. We even made professional and customized PowerPoints for James Breiding to present during the event.

Finally, we put together a digital marketing strategy to increase registration. This strategy included creating a Linkedin event, posting and managing both the event page and the Forvest LinkedIn, adding the event to event pages such as Eventbrite, and sending out the event information to numerous different email mailing lists.

During the event

We decided to hold the event with Zoom Webinar which ensured that attendees could never interrupt the speakers. We helped manage the Q&A and chat; we allowed participants to use these features to ask any questions or make any comments. Attendees using the Raise Hand feature were selected to connect their audio and verbally ask their questions in real time. Our team also controlled and managed the PowerPoints for the speakers; if any speakers or attendees encountered technical issues or had trouble signing on, our team made sure to assist them.

Post Event

At the conclusion of the event, our team provided an HD recording of the meeting, a transcript of the event, and a list of all the questions that were asked. We also sent the Forvest team a detailed report of all the attendees and registrations. Finally, we drafted and distributed a post-event email to all of the attendees.

The Results

The Too Small to Fail event was a huge success. Our team was able to double the number of attendees. Over 250 individuals follow the LinkedIn event page. The virtual event ran extremely smoothly and the localized landing page was a big contributor to the overall success of the event.

About Forvest

In 1982, David Wollach propelled Forvest into its second generation and established Forvest Trust, an asset management company based in Geneva, Switzerland. As such, Forvest expanded its services to high-net-worth clients around the world, investing, reporting and managing assets internationally through a growing network of global affiliates and correspondents.

Today, Forvest enacts the mission of The Forvest Group, a family of companies which aims to simplify the complexities of wealth management and generational asset protection by consolidating a network of global financial services through one experienced, reliable and trustworthy entity: Forvest.

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A Word From The Client

In 2021, we wanted to host a virtual book reading with Too Small To Fail author James Breiding. The event required a high level of attention to detail and that is exactly what the FCCF team gave us. Maddy and her team were very professional, skillful, and thoughtful about all aspects of our virtual event. They took the lead on all aspects tied to digital marketing, email outreach, making a landing page with all the event information for attendees, and even creating presentations for the event. Every member of the FCCF team that touched our project was top-notch and extremely detail oriented. The event was a success and we thank Maddy and her team for a large portion of this.

Robert Wollach

Relationship Manager, Forvest Canada, Forvest Global Wealth Management