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Breakfast with Forvest

The Challenge

Forvest, a global wealth management company, wanted to hold a hybrid event for their clients. They wanted to have the ability for in person attendees as well as the ability for attendees to sign on virtually. Our clients did not want the ability for participants to interrupt the meeting while the speakers were presenting and they wanted attendees to only be able to see the event and not other attendees. They also wanted the ability to share the event with attendees and anyone who was not able to make it.

The Solution

To ensure all of Forvest’s requirements for this event were met, we did the following:

  • created customized invitations for the event
  • provided and set up the necessary AV equipment
  • provided tech support to remote attendees experiencing issues signing into the meeting
  • hosted the meeting with Zoom Webinar to ensure attendees were unable to interrupt the presentations
  • managed questions through Zoom’s Q&A feature to moderate questions and prevent duplicate questions being asked

At the end of the event, our team collected a full report for our client which included a full list of virtual and in-person attendees as well as all of the questions that were asked.

The Results

Our team was with Forvest from start to finish and made sure each step of the way was a seamless experience. Forvest’s team was overjoyed with the outcome of the event. The viewers, both in-person and virtual, had seamless access to the event and enjoyed the option to ask questions both remotely and in person. The webinar recording provided Forvest with a snapshot of the event to use for marketing purposes and was a big success for their team.

About Forvest

In 1982, David Wollach propelled Forvest into its second generation and established Forvest Trust, an asset management company based in Geneva, Switzerland. As such, Forvest expanded its services to high-net-worth clients around the world, investing, reporting and managing assets internationally through a growing network of global affiliates and correspondents.

Today, Forvest enacts the mission of The Forvest Group, a family of companies which aims to simplify the complexities of wealth management and generational asset protection by consolidating a network of global financial services through one experienced, reliable and trustworthy entity: Forvest.

A Word From The Client

In 2022, we wanted to host an event where our clients had the option to attend in person or online. We connected with Maddy from our previous work with FCCF to help us achieve this. Maddy and her team assisted us each step of the way; the virtual and in-person aspects of the event were extremely professional with a high-quality outcome. The team at FCCF is extremely detail-oriented, ensuring every base was covered in the planning process. We truly could not have hosted this event without FCCF and we look forward to organizing many more hybrid and virtual events with their team in the years to come.

Robert Wollach

Relationship Manager, Forvest Canada, Forvest Global Wealth Management