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AGM & Annual Arbitrators Conference with the National Academy of Arbitrators

The Challenge

The National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA) needed to transition their annual conference to a virtual format. They faced the challenge of collecting online registrations and payments, as well as managing multiple mailing lists to ensure maximum attendance. In addition, they needed to distribute materials in advance and provide options for registrants to add the event to their calendars. They wanted to ensure engaging discussions and effective networking, involving dynamically managing roundtable discussions with a maximum of 10 attendees per breakout room. The event needed to be hosted via Zoom Meetings to allow for live participation, questions and interactive sessions. To enhance the user experience, they wanted a dry run to be conducted to test the technology and presentation timings.

The Solution

At our virtual event with the National Academy of Arbitrators, we successfully managed the online registration and payment process through Eventbrite, as well as sent out automated reminder emails to registrants. To prepare attendees for the presentations, we distributed materials in advance and even offered an option to add the event to their calendars. During the event, we ensured that speakers were spotlighted and their presentations were properly shared. Our team also organized attendees into smaller discussion groups for a more engaging experience. To encourage participation, we had attendees use the chat function to ask questions or unmute to ask verbally. After the event, we sent out a post-event email with presenter slides, additional reading materials, and an evaluation form to gather feedback. The Q&A was also shared with the NAA as a guide for future events.

Our team used Zoom’s breakout rooms to dynamically manage the smaller discussion groups after the presentations, ensuring that each group had no more than 10 attendees. We also provided technical support to ensure that everyone was able to join and participate in the discussion groups smoothly. Additionally, our team made sure to engage attendees during the event, encouraging them to turn on their cameras and participate in the discussions.

The Results

Our virtual event with the National Academy of Arbitrators was a great success, thanks to our effective solutions and services. We were able to overcome various challenges, including managing online payments and registrations, distributing materials to attendees, and facilitating breakout room discussions in Zoom. Our client was extremely satisfied with our team’s competency, humor, and clear instructions, making the entire experience enjoyable. As a result of our services, our client was able to focus on the content of the event rather than the behind-the-scenes technology. We are proud to have helped the National Academy of Arbitrators achieve their goals for the event and look forward to working with them and other clients in the future.

Event Planning with

National Academy of Arbitrators

About the client

The National Academy of Arbitrators was founded in 1947 as a not-for-profit honorary and professional organization of arbitrators in the United States and Canada. Members are chosen by involved parties to hear and decide thousands of labor and employment arbitration cases each year in private industry, the public sector and non-profits in both countries. Admission standards are rigorous in keeping with the goal of establishing and fostering the highest standards of integrity and competence.

More at naarb.org

A Word From The Client

We recently worked with McKenzie from First Class as our Zoom facilitator for a virtual event and it was the best experience we’ve had since we began with virtual meetings and hearings nearly two years ago. The First Class team helped us overcome various challenges including dealing with presenters with varying screen sharing sophistication, varying quality of signals, and occasionally unusual requirements. What stood out most was their clear and incredibly helpful instructions, marvelous sense of humor, and pure competency. We couldn’t have done it without them, and they made the entire experience enjoyable. We would definitely recommend First Class to anyone in need of professional and expert virtual event services. They lived up to their name — First Class!

Elizabeth Wesman

Arbitrator | Member, National Academy of Arbitrators

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