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A National Discussion About the Canadian Justice System with Lawyer & Author Marie Henein and A Room Of Your Own Book Club Founder Tanya Lee

The Challenge

A Room of Your Own Book Club hosted a virtual book discussion entitled: A National Discussion About the Canadian Justice System. With COVID-19 related limitations, this was the first time their discussion couldn’t be in person. This came a few challenges. The first, our client needed a way for attendees to pre-register for this event and learn about the topics and presenters. A second challenge was ensuring the presenters were not disturbed. Our facilitators had to ensure all participants were muted, and important information was relayed to them in an accessible manner. Breakout rooms were also required, where participants needed to be sorted by province.

The Solution

We began by creating a professional web page to localize information about the discussion topic and facilitate registration. During the event, our facilitators utilized Zoom’s mute upon entry feature and disabled the ability for participants to unmute themselves during the presentations. This ensured the uninterrupted flow of information. To assist with the assignment of breakout rooms, we included a mandatory location-field in the pre-registration page. Upon the conclusion of the event, we generated a report for our client that determined the first 30 registrants. These registrants went on to win a prize.

The Results

Carefully understanding the needs of our clients, and leverage some of Zoom’s more sophisticated features, is what lead to us facilitating a successful event. Knowing to include a location-field in the registration form made assigning participants to their breakout rooms a seamless process. And utilizing Zoom’s advanced muting options, kept the presentations smooth and uninterrupted.

Event Planning with

A Room Of Your Own Book Club

About the client

A national book club in Canada entitled A Room Of Your Own for high risk teen girls who cannot afford to buy their own books. The mandate of the book club is to buy books for high risk teen girls, focus on mental health and wellness, and have the teen girls meet the author and discuss the book. Teen girls (including transgendered, and non-binary) between the ages of 13 to 18 are allowed to participate in the book club and are given their books for free. The expectation is that if you take a book, you have to read the novel before the book club, and show up online for the book club to talk with the author. We have authors from around the world participate in “A Room of Your Own Book Club.” Meeting virtually online has enabled us to expand across Canada. Our membership has grown by leaps and bounds! Our goal is to engage school libraries across Canada to participate in our book club.

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